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Norway is known for it's ice and snow, midnight sun and A-HA   :)
Norway's contribution to sport and peace work has also been noticed around the world.

There is no midnight sun in Oslo, though. Only the northern parts of Norway have midnight sun in the summer. But Oslo has bright summers. And dark winters.

Oslo has from 500 to 750 thousand inhabitants, depending on if you consider the central parts of Oslo or the larger parts.

To see where the city is located, look at this map of Norway.

All pictures are taken in 2001 - 2002 by Egil Presttun.


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R�dhusplassen. The city hall is in the background to the left.

R�dhusplassen. Outside city hall.

Main street. Karl Johans gate.

Karl Johans gate (main street). The horses are eating.

Outside city hall.

Bakery in "Oslo City" department store.
These buns are, in Norwegian, called 'boller'. Some of these you will find only in Norway.

Oslo kretsfengsel. De fleste Olsenbanden-filmer starter med at Egon kommer ut her, helst med en ny plan under armen.

...og her st�r resten av banden og venter p� Egon.


Gamlebyen skole. A school in the old town.

Radisson SAS, Byporten.

Colosseum. A cinema.

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